Mommy’s Swimming

 This little lady got me swimming again.  She doesn’t know it.  The meaning of her nudging words, ‘Sige na Mommy, float ka and swim ka ulit!’.  It got me back. Back to the pool. Back to IMG_0622lapping. Back to freestyle and breaststroke (re-mastered in a month). So thank you, my sweet little girl.  Mommy’s fit because of you. 







True-Blue Banoffee


this is Yah Coffee‘s Banoffee Pie. Finally! With real bananas topped with coffee chocolate bits.  One good reason to keep on coming back to Isabela, not to mention the A-grade Cappuccino & Sagada Coffee at this cafe. Bon bon appetit!

Manila at 5am

Got to Mantrade at 5am today. The first of many returns where I got here before sunrise. Now at the at Norwegian embassy and I’m grateful for the bus and bus driver that brought me back, the elderly taxi driver inquiring about Glenda the new storm who drove safely to BGC and the other one in red who negotiated traffic without delay. Here now, as scheduled.

A Happiness Blog


more than seeing the glass half-full

it’s never worrying about emptiness

more than light at the tunnel’s end

it’s about overcoming fear, its darkness

more than seeking company

it’s homing into solitude

find happiness, capture it, live it

this is your project for the world, Vitti